This is an FAQ of things you should know about the webOS app and Foursquare in general. For more general Foursquare information, visit

How do I check-in?
Launch the app and it'll log you in and begin getting your location via GPS. Once the list of nearby venues appears, tap on the venue you'd like to check-in to and that will bring you to a screen with all sorts of information about the venue. Tap the big green "Check-in here" button and a dialog will pop up with options for your check-in. You can enter in a shout (basically a comment about your visit. Maybe the movie you're seeing, or someone's birthday), but it's optional.

If you don't want anyone to know where you are checking-in, uncheck "Share with Friends." That will show you as "[off the grid]" to other users and will not post to Twitter or Facebook.

The app says 'Foursquare appears to be down' when I try to open the app, but their site is up.
This message appears when the connection to foursquare's servers times out. This usually happens when the service down, but it can also mean that your Data or WiFi connection on your phone is weak or slow, which can also cause timeouts. Try to move to a better signal area, or try again in a little while.

Why is the app having trouble locating me?
GPS technology, while generally pretty accurate, is not a perfect science, especially in mobile phones. The app will use whatever GPS position your webOS device gives it, so if your phone thinks you're a mile away, the app will think so too. Many factors play into locating you: cloud coverage, amount of tall buildings around you, whether you're inside or outside, if there are lots of digital interference nearby, etc. If the app has you far away, just search for the venue. Generally, checking in this way every so often will not penalize you with no points or badges. If the app won't locate you at all, try turning airplane mode on and then off on your phone. This turns off your WiFi, cell radio, and GPS receiver and then reboots them. This will sometimes fix GPS issues.

Why are all my check-ins showing up as "[off the grid]"?
This is because you have not checked the box on the check-in dialog that says "Share with friends". Make sure that box is checked when you are checking-in.

How do I get dashboard notifications of when my friends check-in somewhere?
Tao the "foursquare" application menu in the upper-left corner of the screen and select "Preferences & Accounts." Check the box next to "Enable" under "Notifications." Select the sound or vibration you want to have happen when a notification appears and select if you want the notification to automatically disappear after a certain amount of time or not. Notifications (aka "Pings") will only show up for friends in the same city as you, so if your friend goes out of town, you will not see their notifications. This is dictated by the foursquare servers and cannot be changed.

You can decide which friends you receive pings from in the app by visiting your friend's profile and tapping "Receiving Pings" or "Not Receiving Pings" to toggle the settings. Alternatively, you can visit the foursquare website ( and check the boxes next to the friends you'd like to receive notifications from.

How do I add friends?
You can add friends on the foursquare website, or in the app by viewing your own profile and tapping the "Friends" view. At the bottom of your friends list is a list item that says "Add Friends" that will open a dialog box. From here, you can search for your friend by their name, their phone number, or get a list of all your Twitter followers that are also on Foursquare. Once you see the friend you want in the list, tap them to view their profile. Then tap on "Add as Friend".

How do I link my Twitter and/or Facebook accounts to Foursquare?
You cannot do this through the app, so you'll need to visit on your computer (will not work on your phone). On there you can link your Twitter and Facebook accounts and adjust the default settings for when it posts content to those services.

How come when I edit or flag a venue, nothing happens?
Editing a venue is actually just suggesting an edit or change to the venue. The same goes for flagging as mis-located or closed. When you suggest an edit or flag a venue, you are putting that information into a queue for Super Users to review. When foursquare Super Users decide that your information is correct, they will accept it and update the foursquare database with the new information. Since this is done manually by humans, it will take time for your changes to appear, if they are accepted.

Why am I not the mayor yet?
Mayorships are calculated by the user with the most days checked-in to a venue in a 60 day period. This means if you check-in to the same venue 3 times in one day, it only counts as once when calculating mayorships. You have to visit a venue at least two different days in 60 days to become the mayor of a venue with no mayor. You also need to have a profile picture uploaded (

You haven't answered my question, where can I find more information about foursquare?
You can read the official foursquare FAQ here: and if you have questions about the webOS app, ask it in these forums or on Twitter (@zhephree).