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    As I'm sure you're all aware there seems to be a shortage of Treo 650's in the UK atm... I've been waiting for 2 months to [up/down]grade my 600 to a 650 through Orange.

    Yesterday I managed to get a sim free Treo 650 for free with a Vodafone contract: 350 anytime minutes @ 20 pcm for 12 months! Great deal huh? Anyway - in store they told me that the phone was new stock and would definately be hardware rev B - unfortunately I got it home and it was rev A!

    Is there much noticable difference between the rev A's & B's - is it worth returning my phone and waiting for a rev B to come along and possibly losing out on the great deal?? I really don't want to go back to Orange as they've messed me about far too much over this upgrade.

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    I've got an A - its been fine. Only swapped it on the orange insurance due to headset jack going within a couple of months. For me the orange firmware upgrade to 1.31 has made it a bit more stable. Keep it
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    My A is absolutely fine (don't know the difference between the two). I'd keep the A unless you know a good reason otherwise...
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    Revision A is fine. I really wouldn't worry about the hardware revision. I think you've got yourself a good deal.
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    My A device has been fine. Did the shop peeps say what difference between A and B was supposed to be?

    The Rev B Sprint 650s might actually be worse than the As:
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    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $the$ $HW$ $Rev$ $B$ $fixed$ $the$ $loose$ $battery$ $cover$ ($mine$ $appears$ $to$ $be$ $quite$ $secure$ $anyway$) $and$ $the$ $5$-$way$/$quick$ $keys$ $don$'$t$ $move$ $laterally$ $as$ $much$... $re$: $the$ $screen$ - $I$ $heard$ $that$ $the$ $screens$ $with$ $the$ $hue$ $were$ $security$ $screens$ $so$ $that$ $it$'$s$ $harder$ $for$ $people$ $to$ $see$ $what$ $your$ $doing$... $but$ $the$ $hue$ $would$ $definately$ $pee$ $me$ $off$ - $looks$ $like$ $I$'$m$ $sticking$ $with$ $my$ $rev$ $A$ $then$ =)

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    So after all the hastle of getting an upgrade, do you think it was worth it ?
    The 650 certainly has a beautiful screen, if only it wasn't such a cack phone
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    Hey Tom,

    Haven't decided yet - only started using it this morning and haven't made a call yet ;P


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