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    I received the following instructions from provider of Chinese SIM card, and I don't know where to begin - can anybody help?
    GPRS Connection:

    - APN (access point name): cmnet
    - Login name: leave as blank
    - Password: leave as blank

    - Domain:
    - IP Address:
    - There is more information below
    Configuration varies by different devices. Please find following useful
    APN: cmnet
    - Login name: leave as blank
    - Password: leave as blank
    - country code leave as blank
    - area code leave as blank
    - phone number *99#
    (Dial *99# to connect to the GPRS service)

    Modem strings: +cgdcont=1,"IP","CMNET" (if apply )
    Extra dial string modem commands is:
    cmnet is the China Mobile APN.
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    I assume you are able to make voice calls - if not, no point in going further. If so, setup as follows:

    Go to home, then preferences, then select Network

    Use the menu key, then 'service', then 'new'

    Change 'Untitled' to any name you like

    Connection: should be 'GPRS'

    leave user name and password unchanged

    Tap the APN field and enter 'cmnet', then select OK

    you should then be back at the setup screen, tap connect and you are all set.

    I've used for the last several months on my unlocked Cingular branded 650. I have had some trips where the bill got pretty steep - some unresolved issue - I now make sure I have the 500 MB plan activated before I travel here.

    Good luck.

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