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    My company has given me a Treo 650 through Cingular. It has billing options enabled for unlimited data, international roaming (WorldConnect) and special Mexico roaming (WorldConnect Mexico). The few times I've travelled with it (Germany and Switzerland), I was able to use the phone, data, and SMS, though MMS was spotty, though the portion of my part of the company bill that is normally about $120/month was somewhere around $400 after all the roaming charges hit.

    I'm considering buying an unlocked 650 and using my Cingular SIM when in the US, but using prepaid SIMs when travelling abroad. I understand that prepaid SIMs will cover voice minutes, but do they also provide data access? I ask only because most Treo type devices require both a voice plan AND a separate data plan. Thus, I'm assuming, perhaps incorrectly, that a prepaid SIM used internationally will only provide voice and not data. Is this assumption correct? Or is data available (assuming the carrier offers it) and does it just count against your voice minutes? Or are there SIMs out there that do both voice & data?
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    Some prepaid cards from other countries do provied data but not all. You have to check the country and phone provider that sells those cards.
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    see for the best thread EVER on prepaid SIM cards and the services available.
    I have used prepaid SIM cards in various asian countries, and have always been able to find one that offers data (at least GPRS). on my last trip to Thailand, the billing for DTAC prepaid was messed up, and I did not get charged for my EDGE access the entire trip

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