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    Can anybody please point me to a website showing vodafone's data tariffs? I called up their customer service and they keep on offering me the 3G service which I don't need. I only need to be able to connect to the internet using GPRS on my treo.
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    - Vodafone web site -
    - "Online Store"
    - "Price Plan Information" in the box on rhs side of screen "also in the store..."
    - "Pay monthly" shows the voice plans plus the available "Texts" extras packs. I use the 6 extra pack which covers SMS, MMS and Data. I presume that these do as well. I am sure it shows somewhere else what that works out as a cost per Mb.

    I will have a look and see if I can find it.


    Edit: Ok I have found the confirmation that extras packs do cover data see:

    All I need to find out now is the equivalent cost

    Edit2: Nope nowhere can I find the equivalent cost. The most I can find is that the data rate without any "extras pack" is 2.35 per MB (listed on any of the details for the price plans).

    This version of the link for the extras packs does at least say that you get x usage when using an extras pack of 'less than x'.
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    With your 6 per month extra pack, do you still get charged extra for surfing the net? What is your internet usage like?
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    No - the extras pack gives me free SMS, MMS and Data "until" I use up the month's allowance and then they get charged at the rate appropriate for my voice plan. Same as happens with your free plan voice minutes really. How they split the allocation I never manage to work out.

    I don't use the internet a massive amount on my treo but I have managed to go over the 6 when I was away for a fortnight and was checking work email daily. If you register for on-line billing you can look at your "unbilled items" and see how much you have used in the month so far - in MB rather then by value unfortunately but it does give you some idea.

    The only other thing to note is that, as with voice minutes, if you are overseas your data usage gets charged at full rate and not taken from your normal plan. "Vodafone Passport" might help with this but I haven't looked into that enough to be sure.

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