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    Quote Originally Posted by zoti
    You sprint phone will work. There is one network in Israel that is CDMA but you won't be able to just connect to it. Maybe roam. Ask sprint CS.
    Great. I will have to check it out.
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    I know these posts were a while ago. I am going to Israel in 3 weeks. Have a Treo 650 with verizon ... I wrote to TLC communications. But I am not sure about 'unlocking' the Treo - which I guess is something that has to be done with Verizon? (they don't even offer international service) Mainly want email - not phone - but need to know more about what to do to be sure I can get service in Israel.

    Do they offer just data devices to rent?
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    If you are only interested in checking email I would recommand doing it at internet cafes. Probably would be cheaper and easier. I know that "Pelephone", the israeli CDMA carrier is quite tough and doesn't allow connecting a CDMA phone that was not bought through them.

    At the airport they have counters that rent phones. You can probably find out more if you doa search for Israel cellphone rental in Ben-Gurion airport. You can rent a phone and probably also reant a data plan with it.

    Enjoy your trip to Israel.
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    cjkando - TLC also rents PCMCIA cards for wireless access, so you can just bring a laptop with PC card slot. That's how I got them to rent me the data SIM card - they took one out of those cards advertised on their site. Contact Miryawm for more info.
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