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    Okay, so now for sure, this summer- I have a big thing happening in Italy and I am currently a Sprint customer.

    I really want to atleast be able to text back to the States. What should I do.

    I've got a Treo 600, but when I'm travelling- I could live with tempoarily using another phone (the thing is only for about 2 weeks or so... but i'm still just thinking ahead.)

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks. I'vegot a while to think about this- but I want something (although it's pretty dumb of me to think this way) somewhat inexpensive.

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    If you want to use a phone in Italy, you'll be using GSM...moved to Worldwide GSM.
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    You can either rent a GSM phone or change your service to Cingular or T-Mobile so you can bring your Treo with you.

    Make sure the phone is unlock so you can buy pre-paid SIM in the country you are at.
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    What if I wanted to temorarily not use a treo- and just some other kind of phone, are there pay as you go phones that have text messaging/calling capabilities back to the States? Thanks.

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