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    I'm traveling to Canada this week for a couple of weeks, and I'm wanting to avoid the T-mobile roaming charges -- for both calls and data. I see that there are a lot of companies in Canada offering SIM cards for Canada along with pre-paid minutes. Since I'm T-mobile, I had to buy an unlocked phone, so I think the SIM card from anyone who supports GSM will work.
    Is there any reason why this won't work? (I'm planning to forward my calls and email to the new Canadian number...)

    If I'm "barking up the wrong tree", and you have a better solution, please let me know! thanks!
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    I was in Canada a couple of months ago (Toronto) and picked up a FIDO SIM on eBay with prepaid minutes--worked great on my unlocked Cingular branded T650.
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    A Fido pre-paid SIM should work fine for voice, but data is likely to be a problem.

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