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    Recently, I bought a Treo 650 from Orange France, with one of the main attractions being access to the EDGE network. After having used it for a couple of weeks, I noticed that the data performance I was getting in France (supposedly on EDGE) was pretty much the same as when I was in Germany and the Netherlands, on non-EDGE networks.

    Today, I called Orange to find out if there is anything in particular which needs to be added to my account to enable EDGE and was informed that the Treo 650 is not certified (she said "labellisť") on the Orange France EDGE network and my only alternative is to return the phone for another one (she recommended a Samsung! ) Apparently, the Treo 650 will never be certified for EDGE on the Orange France network.

    Does anyone know of a work-around for this? I don't care about the Orange TV services, just about normal data connectivity.


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    First, never believe what a carrier helpdesk can say about technical matters.
    Those people know nothing except a few Nokia settings.
    The T650 is perfectly compatible with an EDGE network, I'm actualy using one on the Belgian Orange network (mobistar) and I'm getting about 100kb/s with DUN over BT and obviously much more on the device itself. ( DUN over BT is limited by the virtual serial port speed of 115200 b/s).

    The problem is that, at least here in belgium, only large cities are upgraded and we have to wait until end of this year to have the whole country covered, so your inability to get EDGE speed could be related to your cell not being upgraded yet.

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    I have an unlocked Treo 650 and am getting much faster downloads in Paris than I get when I am in Denmark where there is no EDGE network. It is true that the EDGE network in France is only in a some urban areas and is not even active in all areas of Paris.

    As long as you have the Orange World Intense abonnement you can make use of their EDGE network.

    What the helpdesk was probably mixing up was that the Treo will never be certified for the specific Orange EDGE applications. Orange has been promoting its EDGE network as giving you the opportunity to watch television, music videos, news broadcasts etc over your Orange EDGE phone. However, this requires special orange software that has been written for Symbian OS and Orange currently has no plans of writing this software for the PalmOS platform. Therefore you will never be able to use the Orange EDGE network for the Orange applications on your Treo 650. Nevertheless, you can use the Treo 650 for fast EDGE data downloads when emailing and websurfing.
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    Thanks for your comments, everyone. I'm working with Orange to try to sort this out. Whatever the cause, currently I do not get EDGE speeds when an iPaq hw6500 in the same cell does. Since we bought a couple of 650s at the same time, we have decided to escalate this with Orange since it is clearly wrong that they advertise the phone as being EDGE compatible, but block access for some reason (either because they don't have the software to deliver the TV/video content, which we have no interest in, or because of some certification issue).

    I'll post back here whatever comes of this escalation!
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    Interesting to see that they are officially referencing the 650 as one of the few EDGE compatible phones on their own web site here

    However, it seems that it is limited first to business users, which, if you have a simple consumer subscription, may be the reason it doesn't work for you.
    See info here

    I have a corporate account here in Belgium and it works, at least in large cities and according to their roadmap, the coverage is expected to be 100% before end 2005.

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    Hi Yves,

    It's the fact that Orange are clearly advertising the phone as being EDGE which we are using against them. The detailed specs for the phone on the main Orange site also says it is EDGE, which is clearly false advertising if they refuse to enable the functionality.

    I'm not sure what Orange consider an Enterprise customer. We have "Pro" accounts for these phones, so I am hoping that is enough!

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    I'm on Orange France with a "Pro" plan, and I get EDGE speed (at some places). I never had to ask customer service for anything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stipus
    I'm on Orange France with a "Pro" plan, and I get EDGE speed (at some places). I never had to ask customer service for anything.
    It's exactly my experience here in Belgium, when a cell has been upgraded to EDGE, you automatically get EDGE speed with a pro GPRS subscription.
    I think they are very happy to have a user move away from the very scarce bandwith ressource of the voice network which the GPRS is using.

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    Rasmussen: I'll be in Paris in two weeks with an unlocked '650. I want to be able to receive email (I have my own domain and will have a POP3 dedicated emails to receive while I am gone). Also would like to be able to connect my notebook using the Treo as the modem. Is Orange the way to go?
    Mike Caldwell

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