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    If I go to Russia (probably Moscow but definitely Ufa for several days) with an “Unlocked, GSM Treo 650” mobile phone…how do I get service in Russia?

    And is there a way to have the data service also (email and web) ?


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    Ok I found this site:

    Does anyone know if I'll be able to use data for email/web on that plan with a 650? Any guesses?
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    I use Megafon here in Moscow. GPRS is generally reliable (90% of the time).
    It's great to have an IP connection wherever I go!
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    Thanks I just ordered a megafon card. Do yo think it will work in Ufa?
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    I should say Megafon probably has less coverage than the other two main providers (Beeline and MTS) - check their website for coverage - you may have to activate roaming as well.... because roaming is needed even in between cities in russia with the same provider!
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    T-zones worked great in Moscow and St. Petersburg, just try different networks, and see which one woul work better

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