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    Hi everyone here t is PVPlayer which is seems to be used with Orange to do some Video broadcast.

    noadays it dosn't works, but if someine want to do some tests ....

    Thanks to Hick for the copy.
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    It should work (at least it works on my Treo) if you put some .3gp video file in the /mp4/ directory of your SD card.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gerome View Post
    It should work (at least it works on my Treo) if you put some .3gp video file in the /mp4/ directory of your SD card.
    That sound wire because I've try with a video taken form the Treo's APN and it didn't work ?

    In which version are you ?

    About Tv live from oran ge I've got some good news : the PVPlayer launch if you change the User-agent of Blazer (and if came on the web site as if you are an SPV M3000).

    The last problem I've got is that the amr dec lib isn't loaded by the program. Quite borying.

    If you PM me I'll tell you how to do the test with TVLive.

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    Is it different to the PV Player that comes with the 650?

    How do I get the TV streaming on it?
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    first you need to have BlaerUA and change your user-agent to the SPV M3000 and have the Pv player install.

    browse to

    When the Treo/Blazer load a file ended with .pvx you will have 2 choice : launch PVplayer or save file.

    The pb is that with my version of treo's firmwware pvplayer can't load the amr library ...

    I do not know how to solve this pb ????
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    News for this problem ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Logam View Post
    News for this problem ?

    I've a great news and a bad news.

    The great one is that I've found the complete bundle to have a working pvplayer.

    You'll find 4 prc file, VPlayer and 3 lib AAC, M3V and AMR.

    I've test with progressive download of a video clip : Works fine !!! and it's better than Media wich need to wait the end of the download to view it.

    The bad news is that I've try to view a streaming download (TVLive) and when Pvplayer try to open the clip it says : Can't open this cliop :-((((

    I Attach the bundle with this post. enjoy


    NB : For the little story, the files was in Palm plugged'in program :-)
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