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    This seems to be a rather annoying and not very useful front end. Has anyone removed it without any problems? If so how as it does not appear on the list of deletable programs.

    Any suggestions for a useful replacement?
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    I have upgraded to the 1.28 firmware and it removes the Orange Homescreen.

    I prefer the original interface and have no problems.

    However, it has not fixed the sometimes low call volume, and I also now have the calender bug.
    I cant be bothered to swap it out as its a minor annoyance and I depend on the Treo too much!
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    As Cyril says, upgrade to a "proper" palm firmware. I did mine the day I got my 650 and have never looked back. The Orange front end is pants.

    VolumeCare will help with call volume, but it's $9 (although you can try it for free).

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