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    I am waiting to upgrade to a Treo 650 but I am not doing it until the new firmware is pre-installed. Is it out yet?
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    Given how long it took them to get their custom firmware ready in the first place, I doubt it will happen any time soon - furthermore, I don't think they've sold that many, so support is unlikely to be a high priority for them. Most people get rid of the Orange firmware anyway - it really ruins the user interface on the Treo. If you want one, I'd strongly recommend buying one with the current Orange firmware and flashing it with 1.28 yourself - it's a fairly foolproof process, and there are plenty of people on here who've done it who can offer advice and assistance.
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    1.28 did not fix any major problems on the Orange Treo, the pre-installed 1.21 was an improvment over other GSM phones.

    Therefore I don't think Orange will be doing 1.28 anyway.

    I hope I'm wrong, but I would not wait.
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    No sense being pessimistic, it probably wouldn't work anyway
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    I have the Orange Treo with the pre-installed 1.21, and its perfectly useable (although I recommend VolumeCare to get the best handset and mic volume - see separate threads on this). As far as I know 1.28 frees up some memory but doesn't really help much with the volume, so I wouldn't let that hold you up buying the Treo - you will almost certainly want an SD card anyway.

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