Regular readers may well recall I "vented" about the poor customer service I received from Orange when I originally got my 650. I subsequently was sent a replacement which has behaved itself most of the time, although it still resets itself now and again.

I think, however, I might have found a possible cause. Like many other new 650 owners, I suspect, I first charged my new phone until the green light came on and not the 16 hours the manual suggests. This might have been a mistake, since the battery now seems to be the phone's "weakest link". If I have to charge my phone on the go (either with the phone switched on, or just for a couple of hours), I get the reset problem. If I charge it overnight, for a minimum of 8 hours, the phone behaves itself and I don't get the resets unless the battery is extremely low. Coincidence or Achilles Heel?

Admittedly, my battery does get a mauling since I use my Tomtom software almost every day and so Bluetooth and the screen are on permanently for several hours a day, but the resets only happen when the battery is very low or the phone hasn't had an overnight charge. Has anyone else experienced something similar, or are the random resets still something of a mystery?