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    finally got around to carrying out the updater last night and frankly wished I hadn't bothered. I use mac x tiger, latest version & missing sync. Anyone else use this combination ? Anyway, I've not been able to sync since and I've only managed just to get rid of the resetting loop. I followed the palm website support instructions to a T. Fortuneately, I use a PC at work and have been able to sync on that today after much hard resetting and deleting of user id's. What a nightmare !! Any ideas ??
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    Unexpected error 16405.
    Failed SplashID (0x4015)
    TimeCopy: rtt measurement failed: 16405
    OK TimeCopy with 1 message(s)
     - Unexpected error number 0x400a
    Failed Install (0x400a)
    Failed Backup (0x400a)

    meant to say, the above is the failed sync log from my last aborted "sync" attempt
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    I had problems with MissingSync under 1.28/Panther and reported them to Markspace. They advised that I revert to Palm Hotsynch, which has sorted it.
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    thanks Holy...I emailed Markspace about it and they said the error code was device specific. Must have been summit in the updater that has gubbed my syncing ability...fortunately I can still sync okay on my work PC...who said PC's were useless !! apart from me that is..

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