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    Have to go to Ireland for 6 months as a project, my Treo 650 works there?
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    Yes, if you have the international roaming turned on (paid for) with your providers plan in the US - at least that's how it is for me on T-Mobile.

    HOWEVER, I only had my account with TMO for two months and their stupid contract says 3 months is required before international roaming can be turned on. I didn't see this documented anywhere....

    So...I said 'screw it' and bought an O2 pay-n-go SIM and used O2 while I was in Ireland for 4 weeks.

    So - the O2 SIM will work fine for phone calls, but it gets EXPENSIVE to try to use email/internet with the prepaid.

    For 3 or 4 weeks I would have probably preferred to just use TMO and pay the extra for the international and forget the O2.

    O2 coverage in Ireland is very good and their tech. support is very good as well.

    The Treo was an eye-catcher in Ireland and worked just fine!

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    thanks a lot, better to try their local service

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