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    Help! I've tried searching the web to no avail so thought I'd try you guys (& gals).

    What I want to do is set up a shortcut that lets me turn on Call Divert without having to go through a stupid menu system to the Call Preferences dialog. I'm sure that all this dialog does is send some obscure #*xyz type code in the background so why not set this code up on a couple of quick dial buttons?

    Button 1: Forward all calls to voicemail (07973100123)
    Button 2: Forward all calls to another number (my small Orange PAYG phone for those times when a Treo is just TOO big)
    Button 3: Don't Forward calls

    Anyone done this or know what the codes are?
    Are there any other useful codes we can add to our quick dials?
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    Here is a list of the available code on the Treo from our chief Treo engineer Shadowmite
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    OK getting somewhere - found these, apparantly GSM codes been around for years on all makes...

    ##002# Unregister all call diversions
    **004*PhoneNumber# Set all configured call diversions to PhoneNumber
    ##004# Unregister all configured call diversions
    **21*PhoneNumber# Register and activate divert all calls to PhoneNumber
    *21# Activate divert all calls
    #21# Deactivate divert all calls
    ##21# Unregister divert all calls
    *#21# Check status of divert all calls

    Tried playing and my settings got in a right mess!
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    Found this comprehensive list...

    gecko pages

    Maybe someone could publish a definitive dummies* guide for the Treo on this here?

    (* you wouldn't believe the number of IT qualifications I have yet still struggling... & don't want to mess up my phone)

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