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    I've got an Orange Treo 650 which I flashed with the unlocked 1.23 firmware as soon as I got it home. I upgraded to unlocked 1.28 a couple of days ago.

    In the Bluetooth application, there is supposed to be an option for "allow wakeup" in the Options menu. This is referred to in the help text for the application, and in various other bits of documentation. However, mine doesn't seem to have this, either under 1.23 or 1.28. It is clearly set to allow wakeup, as booting my BT-enabled laptop or powering-up my BT car kit both cause the Palm to turn on.

    Has anyone else got this menu item? I'm a bit confused as to why I haven't....
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    Its also referred to the tips within the Bluetooth application but you're right its not there well its not on mine.
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    Its no longer an option it just happens
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    On my SprintPCS Treo 650, it used to be an option with firmware 1.03 (original stock) and update 1.08. Now, with update 1.12, the option is not present. I guess, as sxtg states it just happens.
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    The option is not there on the new Cingular firmware update either.
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