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    Having read rumours that Orange might be withdrawing the Treo 650 in the UK, I sent them a message on the 'suggestions' area of their website as follows:
    "I love my new Treo 650 - Orange are to be congratulated on bringing this phone to the UK.

    It is near perfect - I have a few suggestions to make it even better:
    -I would prefer Palm's standard phone app to the Orange one.
    - Palm need to work on their implimentation of Bluetooth so that voice dial on carkit and headset is better"

    I just received an automated response. The first line is a corker
    "Orange strive to supply customers with the highest level of service and we would therefore like to advise that this is an automated response."
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    I think Orange is really getting a lot of complaints about their Treo. When a customer service person called me up to inform me that they can already replace my first treo, he asked if I want to "rethink" my choice of unit. I asked him if they are getting a lot of complaints about the treo and he kind of side stepped the question. He neither confirmed nor denied it but told me instead that once my 14 day period is over, I am "stucked" with a Treo and could not have it replaced with a different brand/model.
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    Interesting to hear some background on this

    Well having upgraded the firmware twice (the second time with a few problems) I now have a really good and very smart phone- and without having consulted with Orange once . It is not for the faint hearted - this gizmo has more bells and whistles than you can shake a stick at - and like a true racing machine clearly needs a bit of fine tuning. First and foremost if they are withdrawing it, it is a problem either with branding (it is after all a Palm device, not an Orange one- and Palm are incredibly USA-centric) or with UK users who just can't cope with the free spirited complexity of the thing. Or could it be that the bluetooth isn't quite there yet?

    Or could it be because (if Treocentral is anything to go by) a large number of the units have been faulty on delivery and have had to be returned/replaced? If this is the case it is a manufacturing problem rather than a design one.

    The same thing happened with the Visorphone - it was put on sale for a few months and then withdrawn. The 650 has suffered from that legacy in that it has all been done in a slow & tentative way. Any 600 users care to comment?
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    I had the 600 and it was fine for a year. Then Orange decided to stop supporting it.
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    Well, I don't know if the 650 ever made it to Orange (high street) Shops en masse, but the website is listed as out-of-stock.

    I'm happy with my handset.
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    I really hope this isn't the case I am waiting on getting an upgrade via my parents account as I can get it cheap that way. only problem is i have to wait until august. knowing my luck they will have stopped supplying them!!

    I saw a treo 650 in the oxford store but the guy said they had sold about four since launch! Gotta admit I was put off getting one as the cost was so high! 350 on a 20 quid a month tariff! I can get an unlocked one for 360!

    Anyone who works for orange/ knows anyone at orange have you got any more info?
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    Well, I purchased my handset from the Orange Shop on Fleet Street, but I went to see them and they, "got one in" for me. It took about 3 days or so and they called me when it arrived so that I could have a play.

    You could always try a similar approach? Good luck.
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    aal234 Try here for some alternative tarifs

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    Quote Originally Posted by HolyMacaroni
    Having read rumours that Orange might be withdrawing the Treo 650 in the UK, <SNIP>
    Rumour could be true

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