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    I ordered a 650 last week from an online shop and was told that they should be getting stock from Orange UK by the end of the week. I phoned them this morning to enquire as to my delivery date and was told that they were having problems getting stock from Orange as they've had a lot of problems with the software and they're not sending any more out until it's resolved.

    A friend also has one on order from Orange CS as an upgrade and he's also been given some flannel this morning about not being able to get a date for more stock. This also seems to tie in with the odd conversation I had a few weeks back when another retailer said they didn't have any stock because Orange had recalled it. At the time I put this down to a dodgy retailer giving out duff info to dissuade me from going elsewhere, but now I'm not so sure.

    I know there are retailers who have units in stock, but I've been unable to find the phone at the price I've been offered it anywhere else. Does anyone else know of any problems/delays at Orange? If it's all down to the Orange additional software then I'll be mightily pi**ed off; I plan to upgrade the firmware and get shot of it all anyway, so I'll be waiting for nothing

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    Have a look at They have been supplying for at least a couple of months and have reasonable deals. I took out the Vodafone 200 (30 / month); transferred my number from O2; and got the Treo 650 for 130.

    ...but the downside is it has been to PalmOne for repair. Screen would not wake up after a few hours of non-use. Only solution was remove and reinsert the battery.

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