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    Can anyone in the UK burn me the WINDOWS version of the install CD, I just got a Treo 650 from Dabs, and there is only a Mac CD inside box. I will get a replacement eventually, but it is slow going :-(

    This is the non branded UK GSM version please.

    Alternativly, if anyone can zip the CD up and bung it on an FTP somewhere, that would be even better :-))

    Thanks for any help you can offer, please email me if you can burn the CD.

    All costs covered of course.

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    No problems there, I have both the orange windows cd and the palm treo 650 unbranded windows cd which would you like? Just message me to sort it out and can be with you by tuesday.

    I am a mac user, so you can have the original

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    Wow, that is so kind, thanks very much indeed. I will PM you.

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    I mislaid mine recently, and now need to install Palm Desktop on a new laptop. Can anybody point me to a CD? I can't even find out Palm's website where to order a replacement! Talk about a user-UNFRIENDLY faq at Palmone!
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    Did you ask the users on this thread:

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