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    So I popped the Orange companion cd into the drive on my Powerbook to have a look what was included, had a quick look around & ejected the cd as normal.

    After flashing the 1.23 FW I tried to pop the cd back in to install the supplied Docs to Go & Acrobat reader apps & my Mac now won't 'pull' the Orange disc (or any other reguler cd's etc) into the drive!!

    Anyone any ideas!?
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    Try going into disk utility and running repair. You might get more help in the apple forums.
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    Sorry MacHooligan but it could be anything from an issue with the drive mechanism itself to a firmware failure, not familiar with drive. But to blame a CDROM, LOL no way m8

    Unfortunately Apple "bespokeness" means they or their appointed will need to look at it, possible if you know someone decent with hifi or PC's they would be able to sort.
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    Have you tried to reset your eprom? Also run the hardware diagnostics from the disc. With teh machine turned of your mac, will tak in discs then should spit them out on power on.

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