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    Quote Originally Posted by IanRow
    Thanks for everyones help I look forward to getting my new phone tomorrow. I will have to get Datebk5 thanks for the advice.

    I will let you know how I get on.
    The thing about datebk5 is that it's so useful and simple you can not remember which features are not in the standard Palm app.

    Ie filter on Icons, Link appointment to a phone book entry, add icons to to-do's etc
    Thought of the day :
    No sense being pessimistic, it probably wouldn't work anyway
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    where does one get the 1.23 firmware update? i hate the orange apps.
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    You need to copy the folder onto a SD card and make sure that it is called PALM. Then do a hard rest and put the SD card in. follow the on screen instructions. BEWARE you can not go back to 1.21 (Orange) and you will probably invalidate you warranty but doing this upgrade.
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    Now that you have done it for a while, how does 1.23 compare to the orange feature set? would you recommend that others follow that path?
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    To be honest the main probelm with the Orange one is that it is a bit buggy but I would probably stick with Orange for the short term and see how you get on. If it seem to be working fine you might as well stick with it as you might find if you do have issues in the future Orange may not support you if you have changed the firmware.

    As for me Orange have screwed me over again and have run out of replacement stock so I am just going to return my treo 650 and stick with my treo 600 for the moment.

    Hope your 650 works for you.
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    I have actually done it anyway - i could not bare their IDIOTIC start screen which did not allow you to place phone calls without 3 unnecessary clicks. much better now and all seems to work: mms, SMS, email, GPRS, the whole shebang. In addition, this seems to have freed some 7MB of memory....
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    I highly recommend the 1.23 firmware upgrade. If you are having any problems with the system freezing or unplanned resets then I believe getting rid of the orange software will help. My (2nd) Treo 650 has worked perfectly since I got it - I immediately flashed the FW to 1.23 and have no regrets.
    Remember to do a hard reset AFTER the FW upgrade as well, and to take our the MMC card or you will flash a second time...
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