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    I got my Treo 650 from an Orange shop on Sunday, and flashed it with 1.23 as soon as I got home. I've set up most of the apps from my old Palm Tungsten on it. A few observations:

    1) I prefer the interface of Documents To Go 6 over DTG 7 - the scrollbars in the spreadsheet take up too much space, and you can't turn them off. I am therefore using DTG6, but I'm going to have to switch to DTG7, as DTG 6 doesn't work properly on the 650. The tick button in the spreadsheet doesn't work properly (it deletes the last entry instead of accepting it), and the 5-way control doesn't behave correctly in the document browser. What bothers me about this is that I have the full (Premium) version of DTG 6 - the shipped DTG 7 is the cut-down Professional version, and it takes 400k more memory than the full DTG6.

    2) I've managed to get it working with my Nokia CK-1W car kit. The light on the Nokia kit turns on when you first start the car, and then turns off 15 seconds later, but it comes on again if you initiate a call on the 650, or if an incoming call arrives. You can answer and end calls with the car kit button. In 1.23, there is no option for "allow wakeup" in the BT manager (despite being mentioned on the help page), but it is clearly enabled, as the 650 turns on when you start the car. I did have to fully reset the car kit to get this all to work the first time.

    3) The earpiece volume is quite low, but usable. The volume from the headset is utterly deafening with RealPlayer, though.

    4) I've seen occasional soft resets - most seem to be linked to Bluetooth devices trying to connect. I had one when first connecting the car kit, and another when booting my BT-enabled VAIO laptop. Something in the BT implementation on the 650 ain't quite right! The only other soft reset I've had was from Blazer - no idea why.

    5) I miss the proxy on the Web Pro 3 broiwser - Blazer seems to pull a lot more data for the same sites than Web Pro did, which adds up on the GPRS bill. TrafficStat is a must to log your GPRS usage.

    6) My only niggle is the touchscreen. On mine, the TS isn't quite flat against the LCD, particularly in the middle of the screen - when you touch it, you can feel the TS give slightly. I think this is responsible for the occasional error when I think I've highlighted one menu item, and on releasing the stylus, the next one gets selected - occasionally the act of removing the stylus from the screen causes the registered touch point to move slightly. I'd be interested to know if anyone else's 650 has this "loose" touchscreen - I'm tempted to get it exchanged, but I won't bother if I'm likely to get a replacement that's no better.

    On the whole, I love it - the size and battery life are both excellent, the keyboard is surprisingly good, and it is a novelty to nly carry one box around rather than Palm + phone as I did before. No regrets at all at this stage!


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    I've hardly used my T5 since I got the treo 650...which says a lot about how good the 650 is
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    The 650 got a poor review in PC Pro this month. It's a shame it took so long to get to the UK.

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