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    Greetings all...first post here. Been lurking for a while & decided to register today. I've gotta say, I'd never have been able to negociate the Treo minefield without this forum!

    Anyway, I'm just about to upgrade to the Treo 650 and was wondering if the DUN facility has been left in the Orange version to enable using the phone as a modem via bluetooth./
    Also has anyone had experience of using this function whilst roaming in the USA? I'll be there on business for two months this summer & need to get all my communication options together before I travel.
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    Pretty sure it is still active- it is on the flashed (FW 1.23) Orange phone I'm using at the moment. Forgot to check prior to flashing.
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    I looked on my Orange Treo 650 before I flashed it - yes, Orange did leave the DUN feature available. Didn't try it before I flashed with the unbranded firmware, but it was definitely there - and it definitley works with the 1.23 firmware flash.
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    Mayby a stupid question. DUN seem to work but can the T650 be used as a fax modem?
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    Thanks for the replies.

    Any reports of how well this works, especially with Mac OSX?
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    I flashed my phone onto 1.23 and got all the phone functionality back - generally I'm pretty happy, it seems stable.

    I have tried DUN this afternoon and got it to work with my TiBook G4 (10.3.9) with DLink BT Adapter. But its fickle,

    First thing to do is to Soft Reset the phone before each attempt (poke stylus in hole inside back cover)- otherwise it hangs.

    After you have paired, a config screen comes up. You don't need to change anything - Accept the defaults, leave the empty fields blank and it should work. There have been reports that connections drop for no reason - haven't used it much so can't comment

    Two questions: How can I get my Contacts to display the fieldnames "Postcode" in lieu of "Zip" and "County" in lieu of "State"? This works fine on my old Visor - you could set it up in Palm desktop.

    Also the screen powers down after 20 secs, sometimes when in use - any ideas how can this be lengthened ?
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    Try going to prefs, format and changing the Coutry to United Kingdom. If you then go into power you can change the auto-off after setting.

    What is Dun? How do I used my Treo as a modem? Is it just a matter of pairing then creating a dial-up connection?
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    Ok I figured out that DUN is dial up networking. I'm a Mac user do I need to download any new modem scripts? I'm using Tiger.
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    Can't say about Tiger - I would simply try the 'default' as I did. Once I got that far, it worked first time.

    With regards the Prefs - Format - UK, that doesn't alter the 'Zip' and 'State' Field Titles on my setup. But the Power setting does the trick
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    Hi HolyMacaroni,
    Which program are you syncing your contacts with on your mac? Address Book? Entourage? Palm Desktop? Have you tried changing the address format there to UK address format. Perform a hotsync but set your mac to overwrite your handheld. Hopefully that will work???? I couldn't see anywhere obvious on the treo where you could change the address format.

    I'll try down loading the generic GPRS script from Ross Barkmans page.
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    My setup is 10.3.9

    The script is called MotorolaA835 3G (H3G), one that was already installed on the Mac, and was selected automatically. I have found that each time I want to connect I have to reset the phone, re-select the DUN option on the phone , delete the device on the Mac and re-set it up, selecting the 'other' option at the bottom of the list.

    The UK settings on Palm Desktop don't change the 'Zip' and 'State' titles. So I am using Apple's Address Book (this is better 'connected') Won't touch Entourage, although I have used Now Contacts in the past. Will try getting Mac to o/w Handheld
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    Hi Holymacaroni - did it work?
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    I'm puzzled how to do this. I can see how it works with other conduits, but with Missing Sync it says that the conduit settings are handled by iSync and there is no option settings I can find for this there.

    Also I happen to know that the correlation between the palm and the apple address books is not ideal- I saw in Apple Discussions iSync the other day that Work Address entries on the Palm don't sync with the fields in Apple AB - you are better off putting work addresses in the Notes field. So I don't hold out much hope that the Palm will change to my Apple AB titles.

    I think the big problem is with Palm Desktop - they seem to have taken out the 'postcode' field title completely. I remember when I set up my Visorphone I set the titles in PD and then synced from there.

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