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    I thought I would start a new thread since this doesn't really fit in with problems with the 650.

    I know some people have mentioned simply orange biz and, but I wanted to ask whether these are the best places to get the Treo? It certainly seems to save about 100 on the price of the phone for Orange on the middle "Your Plan" tariffs. However, can you still get Orange Care etc. with these as it doesn't appear to be specified as an option.

    I think someone also mentioned that there might be some change in Orange tariffs from 1 June, but not the details.

    Any advice gratefully received!

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    I've a mate who works in Orange & understands my plight Re: the Treo 650 - I dropped by on him & he said (on the quiet) to wait for June the 1st....but 99 for Premier 600, 6 months downgrade and a buyback on my 600 is proberly the best I can find....

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    With you can certainly get orange care for the usual 5. It makes no difference, you deal with Orange direclty for all issues/upgrades etc.

    I received my Treo from them last week, they were helpful.

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    If you buy the treo 650 from on the 40 orange premier tariff. You get the phone for free and you can change to a lower tariff after 4 months.

    Th tarriff includes orange care, 600 minutes and 100 texts. Its a really good deal and it ends today.

    I just bought one. They have stock.

    Btw you can port your number when you recieve the phone so you don't have to wait to recieve the PAC code. So you can snap up this deal today without waiting for a PAC code.
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    Don't you mean after 6 months????
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    No the reduced offer of a 15 discount lasts six months but if you want you can downgrade after 120 days. I guess whether you leave early depends on the usage.
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    Who does the downgrade? Do you go to orange direct or to the vendor you got the handset from?
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    Abu I think that just means that won't recover any of the cost of the handset for downgrading after 4 months but I think orange say the minimum is 6 months otherwise they may charge you a penalty.
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    Hi lozzamac, orange do the downgrade off your tarriff, esure you call them at "least 5 days before your billing date". Notice the inverted commas I tell them in advance by 2 weekd then check to make sure it is done a week later, thus no mucks ups. I have found that some people say they will do it but never do it.

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    All useful advice, thanks! I was a bit concerned that I couldn't seem to add in a block of texts/Orange world access like you can do on the Orange site...
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    Toby you can always ring orange to add these once you get your handset but some of the tariffs have inclusive texts. Unfortunatelty none of them have inclusive data but don't forget you can try a service free for 30 days. If I remember correctly allow you to add extras when you place the order.
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    You can add bundles of text, data etc via the website, it's pretty neat.
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    I delayed on buying hoping for better offers from June 1st. Unfortunately the premier tarriff is no longer reduced to 40. Can anyone recommend the best value place to purchase now?
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    I think the 40 deal only applied for May. It's not on the orange site either.
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    I would recommend going to an Orange shop. I ordered the Treo 650 online from Orange for 99 (on Premier 600 40/month plan - can downgrade plan after 6 months). After a week it hadn't even been posted so I cancelled and visited my local Orange shop.

    I was able to get the same deal, plus 50 off for my old phone, plus a 50 credit to my next bill under their "member gets member" scheme (and my wife also got a 25 credit for referring me). So I saved 125 by going to the shop. The very helpful shop assistant also gave me an old accessory box they had for the Treo 600, which included quite a nice Treo 600 case that fits well. I have also sent off for the free Bluetooth headset from Palmone - freebies everywhere!

    I hope this advice is helpful - I am very happy with my Treo 650.


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