I am an existing Orange customer with 1 premier tarrif and one normal anynetwork tarriff.

I boughht a new premier tarriff last Friday to get the treo 650. Handsets handsfree option does not work line appears dead to reciever, rang up saturday to inform orange of this, advised would go to technical no probs so far.

I was given a fault code for my orange treo on Monday morning. I picked up my replacmeant handset on Thursday. No probs there, get a call fom the dealer todya to inform me that there was no fault code.

Right so I get back on the phone to orange who tell me that the fault code provided is for a handsfree failure. Which is the fault I had on my treo 650. However they could not note it on my account, though i had been assured that this had been done on Monday morning. So I started to get annoyed and asked to be put through to a customer service supervisor.

In the mean time, I am still asking orange, why I was lied to given a useless code that meant that me and the dealer had wasted our time and effort.

Reply from orange, sorry I cant comment on some one else, my point is this. I am in the army and based abroad at the moment. I do not use my minutes, I purchased a premier tarriff for the customer service nothing else. So far it has been shoddy beyond belief. Reply from an arragont rep, you can do what you please refernce to supervisor but I wont do anything more.

So I ring up the dealer and tell him to cancel my contract and the replacemenat handset he had got me just to connect that up as a new connection. If this was no hassle, he said no dramas. This done, I get a call from the supervisor, saying that he had spoken to technical, they had decided that my non existant handsree feature of my treo was not a fault.

My response excuse me, but what a load of cod wallop. There reason was that they knew the handsfree feature was not that good, so thus they would not issue a fault code. My response, there is no mention of that anywhere that you can not use the handsfree option. He gave me some more lame excuses and said he would talk to technical again.

I explained to the supervisor that I had tried all the remedys, hard reset my phone, Called with the handsfree option with teh handset less the 6" from my face, and that the line was dead to the other party till, I switched to handset.

I recieved another call another call later on saying that I had my fault code. I informed them not to bother as I had cancelled and placed another order.

Amazing though the differnce when I rang up with my new premier number to have it attcahed to my existing account. They were nice as pie, I have had my other 2 numbers for 9 months average spending 180 a month. I know it is luck of the draw who you get, but there should be a standard of customer serivce. Not ok, depending on who you get. Safe to say I am back in teh happy world of Treo 650. I rang them up to unlock my handset adviced no problem but would cost 20.

No probs, this was on my new number, so I am happy again, but will avoid orange customer service as much as I can.