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    Quote Originally Posted by MacHooligan
    Thinking of trying one of these MOBO cases for a change from my Krusell.

    Anyone know if they're available in the UK anywhere?
    Nobody's seen these MOBO cases around then?
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    What concerns me is despite the "protects from dents and dings" a number of these bellagio and other cases leave the corners exposed!

    For everyday use I use a silicone skin from proporta - nice to hold, doesn't slip out of your shirt pocket when you bend down and if your child does knock it off the end of the sofa onto your hardwood floor it bounces! Difficult to get in and out of tight Jeans pockets - or any trouser pockets for that matter!

    So for 'Formal' wear I picked up a leather flip with belt-clip by Capdase (?) down Tottenham Court Road for 25.
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    Quote Originally Posted by murrayalex
    there's a new case coming from innopocket, it's magnesium so is lighter and slimmer than their aluminium one. it also double hinges apparantly which seems to make it easier to use, there's a link on palmaddicts website.
    Holy sh*t, that looks great! Available at the end of the month by the looks of it. Anyone want to buy an ally case around then? Used but in good nick
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    I invested in the Krussel case- and overall I'm pleased with it as it offers very good protection.
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    I have the S650 frosted white skin (very nice) and the E&B leather case (also very nice). However, using them both in conjunction has been a small chore...a little harder to get in and out. Maybe over time the leather will stretch out enough....?
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    I'm using a skin at the moment, pretty good protection but a real hassle getting in & out of jeans pockets. Have ordered a vaja, still a long wait!
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