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    One I am an apple user, so this might seem irrelevent to windows users.

    There are two cd;s in the box as usual palm products. The windows one will appear blank on a mac.

    Refernce the game zap, it comes on the WINDOWS CD. I think this takes the micky as being a mac user. I am lucky I still have a windows machine lying arounds. So was able to put on to memory stick the prc file.

    You get 2 ebooks, for a change it is not the alst mochian,
    Also on the windows cd you have PV player, the talk now application(have to susrcibe to to use).

    What else you get a try card, which is really pants, give you a demo of bejewelled. I left it personally. Did not bother with it also it installs a 450 kb prc file, if you use it.

    Also you can get checlist and mobile db for free if you sign up to handmark for free info.

    Mac sync alright, so far. Also I am getting the odd random restart, mainly from the push to talk programme, so that and documents to go is getting binned now.

    Versamail works super with my .msc account.
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    Hi I synced okay on my home mac last night, everything went surprisingly smoothly. I'm going to sync on my work windows pc this morning too. I had docs to go version 7 on my T5 and it caused all sorts of problems but having upgraded to version 7.03 it works just fine.

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