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    Hi there the software I have on my treo is Treo650-1.09-OUK.
    Firmware is 01.21

    I am not sure if that helps anyone.
    Anything else just ask. How long should I charge for out of interest? Mine is still on charge since yesterday at 1830hrs. Orange says 4hrs in book, internet sites say 24hrs.
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    I left mine on for about 3 hours. took it off charge when green light made an appearance. These modern batteries don't suffer from the memory effect- so I wasn't too bothered + the fact that the battery is removeable any way. What's your first impressions and did you up grade from the 600?
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    I did have a palm one version of the treo, but it was an eye sore. SO I stopped using it. I have been using pocket pc phones, and symbian ones for last year. But god, it felt so goos in my hands to have a palm again. So far I am still blown by the screen. Stopped uisng my T3 and clie for the moment. Thanks for the battery advice. I left mine on for about 16hrs. I have orange care, so not fussed. Ordered the essentials pack from expansys and a screen protector, today It is fully loaded, up and running. Has worked with all my palm software so far.

    Only negative I can see it call timers, Does not break down in to out going call, incoming etc, gives you total, though has a roaming counter which is nice.
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    My first impressions were:

    Pros: Nice Screen, Nice Keyboard (although the five way is slightly worse), great camera even in poor light, I like the updated contacts with photos webpages birthdays etc

    Cons: I think Orange have messed up the phone - you can't access the favourites and you can't change the preferences so that you choose to go to the contact when you start typing the name. They seem to have removed the General Preferences category from options in Phone.

    Otherwise the phone feels heavier (just at the edge of being too heavy) and to my eyes is too bright and silvery. And my phoenix ringtone now sounds ridiculous on the new speaker.
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    the launcher page is a bit naff, doesn't really add much functionality in my view. I've assigned the small button on the left to applications which makes it easier to get to them but you can assign it to anything. Is this firmware version the non memory problem solution update, does anyone know ?
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    I think the orange version is with out teh memory rectification. As my mate has now installed rom 1.23, he has gained an extra 30% memory back. He still has same dat and proggames. Also no more orange interface, speaker volume increased, and so far no crashes.

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