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    We.. sad...I don't think so, just bleeding edge....and bleeding tired of the uselessness of Orange!!!
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    I sympathise with you adzo, I am in the same situation as you.
    I really want the Treo 650 but just upgraded with Orange a few months ago because I got tired of waiting for the Treo 650.
    I am going to get a second contract with Orange from using the premier 600 plan.
    I figure this will cost me £330.00 over the 12 month contract by downgrading to a lower tariff after 6 months.
    I donít mind paying this much for a Treo 650 plus Iíll get all the free calls.
    Maybe you could try this.
    Good luck
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    How much GPRS are you choosing with the Orange plans and are most of you going for the Premier option?

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    Ive bought my treo direct from Orange for £200. I am doing a masters so eligable for the student deal - u get 1000 texts free a month, 50% of land line calls & 300 mins a month for £30 plus Im doing the 4mb GPRS for £4 pm. Ill probably add insurance for a fiver too. I think I can sell my treo 600 on Ebay for about £120 so £80 for the upgrade isnt bad imho. I was thinking about doing the £50pm plan where u get 600 mins and the phone for £100 but it works out alot more overall (£120 in the year). I could downgrade my plan after 6 months but then I lose the student extras forever so I thought Id stick with 300 mins. Hope I dont regret it but at the end of the day it comes down to how many minutes u need (though with 1000 texts Ill not call that much!!).
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    The £4 per month 4Mb GPRS is plenty for me. I normally use it for checking my emails. When I get the Treo 650 I may use it more for internet.
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    Like many of you I'm trying to work out the cheapest way to get hold of a Treo 650 - I was told today by orange diconnections that its £99 on the Premier 600....

    But then the likes of and ukphoneshop have the handset for free when you take out a high usage contact.

    But my question is: will they charge you for the handset when dropping from the high contract after six months - which could really hurt the wallet.

    Also, to start a new orange contract means losing my number, not good.

    Has anyone cracked this yet?
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    60milesmile look at
    Everything is explained there. will not charge anything if you don't lower your tariff within 120 days of connection. Orange will not charge if you lower your tariff after 6 months from connection.
    I'll start a new contract and give the sim card to my sister to use for all the free minutes. I'll use my old sim card in the new Treo 650.
    Basically, I'm paying £330.00 for a new Treo 650. My sister gets all the free minutes.
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    Yep; just found that page myself: but starting a new orange contract means changing my number....and I've no sister to give the SIM too!

    And the only way to keep my number is to change operators, but the rules on T mobile are even stricter than Orange (no changes for 11 months), so that's not cool either....

    May just have to bite the bullet: new contract with orange, a light wallet for 6 months and use those free texts to tell everyone my new number....


    My latest idea is to try to get the orange shop to take my Treo 600 and give me cashback to make the £99 upgrade to Premier 600 easier to swallow - has anyone tried this?

    Interestingly Orange disconnections would (could) not meet the deal does on the premier 600 tariff Ė i.e. free upgrade.

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    Maybe I've got my facts wrong. Is it possible to have 2 contracts with Orange?
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    60milesmile you could sell your treo 600 on ebay. If it's in good condition you could get £150
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    its not - in fact its next to dead - combo of drunkenness and crap built quality....and thatís another of my cunning plans - I'm on my third treo 600 in 14 months - if I send it back will the send me a new treo 650 under warranty or will they have a batch of treo 600's for replacements....?

    Ahhh - such decisions....

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    but hang on - I could send it back & then if I get a 600 back, ebay it off & make some cash...

    (thinking out loud).
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    60milesmile Good luck and I hope you get the Treo 650.
    I was looking at the new Palm Lifedrive and it looks very good. I've had problems with my treo 600 and its built quality. I may just buy a Lifedrive and use it with the motorola V3 I've already got.
    Orange have really put me off from buying the Treo 650 with the long delays. I bet the Treo 700 will be out in a few months.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LozzaMac
    Well I suppose people have been waiting for the handset for such a long time. Look at the amount of excitement it generated in this forum when it was relased on Thursday. I don't expect orange anticipated that!!!!
    When I was ordering mine (via "Disconnections") on Saturday, the woman commented that this was the fifth Treo she'd sorted out that day - and that obviously excludes the ones sorted by other people and the ones that were ordere without goig through to "Disconnections".
  15. #75 are now out of stock. Hoping to get their next delivery in on Wednesday :-(
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    Yeah i've just heard that from too. I'm losing faith in ever getting this danm phone!

    I also dont put much faith in them getting a new delivery, as every other retailer is waiting for them too, and they ahve already received their first batch.
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    I've had an email from Simply Orange Biz claiming they had some in stock. I rang them and they confirmed that they have some and are expecting more tomorrow so I can have mine by Wednesday. I've cancelled my order with so fingers crossed.

    Thanks for the tip anyway applepower - the bloke I spoke wanted to know how I heard about them and he remembered you (I mentioned that you drove down to collect yours).

    If you want to give them a call pbutterworth their number is 0870 444 1335 you won't see the handset on their website they will have to do a special order.
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    Sarz...yeh its gonna cost me 300, but like I say I'll get some money back from my old phone....
    Treo since November 2003!

    Still got the original.....
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    Presumably, if subscribe to Orange Premiere with a retailer other than Orange directly, the Phone insurance is still included and will be honoured at an Orange Shop?
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    Not all retailers offer insurance as part of Orange Premier. charge extra for insurance on the 600 Premier plan (£5/month) but the phone is free. Buying the phone direct from Orange on the same plan secures the insurance but you pay £99 for the phone. Swings and roundabouts....... Personally I would prefer to deal with Orange direct should I have any problems with my handset.
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