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    I was impressed too! Had horrible feeling it would be delivered to my work address tomorrow when I wasn't working! just off for my lunch and will no doubt spend most of it with my newest gadget!
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    Just got mine for 49.99 it is based on a points system depending on how much you pay. Ive been on 25 a month for 14months, and continuing on the same deal but with 6months extra texts (cant remember how many). The guy had to reboot the system for the 'handspring treo 650' to show up - he kept refering to it as a handspring, dunno why, the website lists it as a PalmOne. Tried to challege him with 3G's 500mins for 25 price but could only reduce the upgrade by 5 to 194. I went striaght through to disconnects and threatened to leave - but I dont think it helped much, I was alright about the 49.99 few (payable direct over the phone by debit/credit card) and better still it gets delivered on Monday !! - whoopiee
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    If anyone tires of their new orange branded 650 and will like to sell, let me know
    I am on O2 and don't want to switch to Orange.
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    what colour is the 650 Hicks ? Is it the same as the 600 ?
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    imef2k, you wont be able to use an Orange one on O2, they are network locked.
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    Quote Originally Posted by murrayalex
    what colour is the 650 Hicks ? Is it the same as the 600 ?
    And what ROM number are they shipping at the moment ?
    Thought of the day :
    No sense being pessimistic, it probably wouldn't work anyway
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    Quote Originally Posted by pbutterworth
    imef2k, you wont be able to use an Orange one on O2, they are network locked.
    Won't be a problem I am sure Orange can unlock it (at a premium perharps).
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    I'm also getting an Orange Care replacement for the 600 delivered tomorrow
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    I have just heard that have despatched my Treo 650 on a 40 monthly (talk 300) Orange contract for delivery tomorrow. I paid 40 for the handset. After six months I will downgrade the tarrif probably to the 18 tarrif so the first year bill will be under 400 including a heap of phone calls! I bought the 600 in a similar deal in Oct 2003. is the first supplier I have found this week who had stock. It only came in today.
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    Got mine today from simply orange biz for free.

    Orange quoted me 100 on a new premier tariff. Or 99 as an upgrade and 50 fee, as I have upgarded twice in under 7 months not bad.

    I just got an new premier tarriff, could not wait till tuesday from orange.

    Comes with 2 stylues, eu adapter. Also I can not find teh zap game? I thought it came with it. I am using a mac, though, will try the cd on youngers brother windows machine.
    Also a 32mb try mmc card. Has a few bits of trial software. If anyone wants any info just ask.
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    I looked on the Simply Orange Biz website but couldn't see the Treo 650
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    Quote Originally Posted by LozzaMac
    I looked on the Simply Orange Biz website but couldn't see the Treo 650
    hi there, I rang them up a week ago, to call me as soon as he they had them in stock. I was so impatient That I drove down and picked mine up in Kent. Just could not wait for saturdays delivery. Give them a bell or email them. They will try and help you and get you one asap. I have wnated this since Febuary, so have been bugging so many online sellers, who most took my order saying it was coming and never deliverded, as they never had stock. Also you can try, they say they have it in stock. Also
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    I spoke with Directmobilephones and they didn't have stock yesterday. My phone from arrived this morning and it is absolutely excellent.
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    I rang Simply Orange Biz but they didn't have any in stock but were hoping to get some next week. I do have one on pre-order with phoneshopdirect, who are also expecting some in next week (they hope). A dealer in town claims he can get me one from head office by Monday I won't get as good a deal as I'd get online but its better than going to orange direct. Phoneshopdirect are currently offering me the best deal maybe patience will turn out to be a virtue but I want one now!!!!
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    OK I decided I couldn't wait any longer so I've canceled my order with phoneshopdirect and I've placed an order with I rang first to check that they had the Treo 650 in stock and I should get it on Tuesday.
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    Anyone heard from They offered one of the best deals on the 600 but nothing on their site about the 650 yet. I've e-mailed them to ask them...
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    I've cancelled an order with ukphoneshop , and ordered with When I spoke to ukphoneshop (also branded as several other comapnies) yesterday they claimed they still had not been released, and implied I was lieing saying people are receiving them from orange.
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    I tried checking my order online at and it said my order number wasn't in the database and it didn't recognise my email address either.

    Order tracking seems to be working - all this waiting is making me paranoid
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    Well I tried asking for my PAC code, saying that Vodaphone was offering the handset cheaper, but they would not budge on price

    So I've ordered one from Orange for 199, delivery Tuesday
    Thought of the day :
    No sense being pessimistic, it probably wouldn't work anyway
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    At last! I've just phoned through, and was quoted 199 to upgrade, so I said I was off to Vodaphone with a 650 from Expansys.

    The guy askd if I wanted to be put through to disconnections, and when I was the lady there has offered it to me free! It helps to have a pretty hefty talkplan and 3 handsets!

    So I get mine Tuesday or Wednesday!
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