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    My screen just died on me -- the permanent vertical lines thing arrived this afternoon -- and I will need to have my treo repaired. Anyone know of a good 3rd party service in Europe? PalmOne's offer, aka don't call us, we'll call you, does not look promising. Psion (remember Psion?) used to offer an express service. That WOULD be nice.

    Much thanks,

    - M
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    Have you tried This company will even provide you with a cost estimate by filling in a webform before you mail them your phone.
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    I did come across the site in my Internet wanderings, but they first ask for all your contact information and your imei number. They could just as easily ask only for your email address. Plus, I could not find a telephone number and their geographic address is quite hidden and in a rather obscure location (Biarritz, a seaside summer vacation village). They may be honest, but with that kind of front end I prefer not to risk giving them my info.

    - M

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