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    I'm still getting educated and ramped up on the various services and configurations available with my unlocked GSM Treo650.

    I'll keep searching through the various forums, so sorry if this is the wrong forum.


    Is it my understanding that I can just get a SIM for whatever network I'd like to use while traveling the US, Ireland, and Europe this Summer?

    I'm considering switching from Sprint to any one of the GSM networks in the US - Cingular, T-Mobile, Verizon (eventually), but I don't want to sign up for two years when I may be outside of the networks while traveling.

    What are suggestions for best GSM network service in US?
    Do ANY of the providers offer short-term contracts?
    While traveling Ireland and Europe, what are the best networks, and/or should I just rent a SIM?
    I'll be using WIfi where possible, but which providers offer the best 'backend' internet access?


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    I just concluded a two week business trip to Ireland. I had my unlocked Treo 600 with me and I had no problems at all. In the US I am a loyal T-Mobile customer.

    Using my TMO SIM card in Northern Ireland cost me $0.99 per minute and $15 per megabyte. I looked into getting a local SIM card and could have gotten one from Virgin Mobile (Pre-paid) or VodaPhone (pay per plan). I decided to stick with my TMO SIM as my trip was so short.

    I hope you have a great time traveling.
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    Also looking into TMO - switching from Sprint.
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    when travelling around "Europe" (we love being called European...) it doesnt make a hell of a lot of difference to be honest. In the UK - all the GSM carriers are very good - the weakest is probably Orange (I say GSM - the only alternative is 3 - which is 3G and not compatable) and thats still pretty good. Vodafone is good accross spain and france in my experience - and you can get your voicemail in english with them in spain. though they are the most expensive by about 10%. Italy is probably TIM. not a big deal though - just go to the nearest shop and buy a sim - if u have time, get them off ebay - i know u can get one for the UK for about 3 off it... good luck...
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    You can buy SIMs before you go at places like Telestial but much cheaper to buy when you get there.
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    I have an unlocked Treo 650 in Ireland with a Vodafone pay-as-you-go SIM. I gather the only way to use it for POP3 email may be to sign up for a monthly plan and for an amount of GRPS data, though no one in the Vodafone shops seem to know if the Treo 650 s actually compatible with Vodafone. Anyone have any info on best way to provision a Treo 650 in Ireland for email and web?
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    For me, one of the best things about my 650 is that it comes with most carrier's GPRS (and EDGE) settings already programmed. When you pop in the SIM card, it recognizes the carrier & uses the appropriate settings.
    The factory installed settings have worked for every GSM provider that I have ever tried.
    Now finding a GSM pre-paid card that includes GRPS (or EDGE) access is another matter. Check out the thread at for help with this.
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    I'm going to Western Europe soon with my unlocked (called customer service) Cingular Treo 650. Got a pay as you go SIM from MOBAL which acts like a UK number in 140 countries. I plan to leave voicemail off to avoid charges for messages received. Any other ideas?
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    I gather the only way to use it for POP3 email may be to sign up for a monthly plan and for an amount of GRPS data, though no one in the Vodafone shops seem to know if the Treo 650 s actually compatible with Vodafone.
    I just stuck my old Vodafone UK SIM into the 650 and it was up and running straightaway. I already had GPRS access and the 650 accessed email and the web without any setting up on my part at all.

    When I had the SIM in my old phone it had no trouble accessing GPRS in Ireland, though I've not yet been over there with the 650.

    I don't know what data plans Vodafone IE has but if you only want to check email occasionally you might be better off just getting GPRS access without a monthly payment, ie just paying for data as you use it. But if you're going to use the web, you'd be better off with a monthly plan.
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    The "old Vodafone UK SIM" you put into the 650 I assume was a monthly plan SIM? I'm trying to sort out whether it's even possible to use GPRS with a pay as you go SIM card. Thanks for your help.
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    "Ireland and Europe" - as far as I know (if the Irish haven't changed continent) Ireland is still in Europe ...

    "Western Europe" - would that be Norway or Portugal???


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