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    Those following various threads may have noted my following various indicators re the release of the 650 eventually in the UK through Orange...

    To recap as of Friday 29 April, a day after the second official UK 'launch' of the Treo 650 by PalmOne and Orange.

    1. Various sites announce the launch (TreoAddicts, theRegister etc) 28 April.
    2. Try finding the news on (apart from the static coming soon product page)
    3. Forget - it links to a US specific site which does have the 650 prominently (note the dollars)
    4. Try and find the release and just cringe at the site which still doesn't offer a 650 product page YET has a fantastic heading story about some Finn who can type very fast with this virtual product!

    If PalmOne want someone to do their marketing they could try Gerald Ratner - looks like he's learnt his lesson!
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    It's worse than that!

    About 6 weeks ago they had huge advertising stickers on the floor in some London train stations (including Paddington) and poster adverts at variousl locations including Heathrow.
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    Anyone heard anything 'official' since the second launch last week?

    There are many rumours about availability dates in orange shops but are there any hard facts?

    Indicators as last post in this thread so - surprise, surprise - no change there!
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    It's been chaos! I can't believe that some sites are expressing surprise an annoyance about how long it has taken Verizon to get the Treo 650 (in addition to other carriers and P1 themselves) when no carrier at all has the Treo 650 in its official line-up in the UK.

    Surely P1 cannot be totally blind to this mess... still no news from Orange though...

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    ...Friday 6 May... Main indicators above still unchanged... despite TWO official launches by PalmOne and Orange of the Treo650 in the UK (Feb and April) reported on various topical sites there is nothing on the two sites that matter, even in their Press pages...

    Did all these sites dream this up? Did the 'launch' actually happen?

    At least there is a record on the US site of the February story...

    I've discussed this with a couple of friends who lecture in Marketing - they reckon that if true it'll make a great case study for how NOT to launch a product in a competitive marketplace!
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    Well I spoke to a sales rep at Orange on the phone yesterday.

    Computer says no...
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    If you thought the UK marketing was messy before, have a look at the Palm UK website now.

    There's a banner at the top about the world record speed-typing record on a Treo 650.

    But there's no other reference to a 650 on the whole website!
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    it's been that way for a week!
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    Well toda's marketing cock-up is the London Black cab I say covered in full a full colour Treo 650 advert!

    I'm surprised Palmone's marketing directector is still there!
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    Expansys now has unlocked 650s for 440 inclusive. 111 in stock. Worth it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by davidwknight
    Expansys now has unlocked 650s for 440 inclusive. 111 in stock. Worth it?
    Personally- I don't think so! You can buy a cheap laptop for that.
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    Dabs has them for 399, they keep coming in & out of stock.
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    Have you noticed how we rely on web sites - usually US ones - to feed our addiction to this vapourous device? Where are the articles/reviews in the UK printed media?

    I just browsed various PDA and mobile magazines in WHSmiths - not a mention of the Treo 650, yet alone a review! The PDA mags still carry reviews of the 600 in comparisons with other smartphones. Have PalmOne/Orange actually bothered getting these out to the press or is this another indication that PalmOne don't give a fu@k about UK customers and Orange really aren't interested in this niche product with quality issues?

    Or maybe everything's rosy - press gagging to get reviews out but restricted by NDAs and container loads of 650s being distributed to Orange shops for an imminent launch (but they're keeping their excitable 'trainers' in the dark as a matter of policy).

    Probably not the rosy one!

    p.s. website: coming soon
    Orange May brochure: coming soon (downgraded from 'new') no 650 product page, headlining finnish 650 typing record though! STILL a PalmOne US/dollar Treo Store (bizarre!)
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    Hey everyone!

    Forget London Station walkways and black cabs...

    ... I just saw an Orange Pig fly by the window with ads on its flanks saying that the Treo650 is due for launch this month! !

    (must sleep more!)
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    I picked up a copy of PDA Essentials, issue 36 last week at WHSmith. 3 Treo handhelds on the cover (HandSpring 600, PalmOne 600, PalmOne 650). Main feature is "How to get the most from your Treo".

    Granted, it's not a review per se, but it does make reference to the 650.

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    Review on theRegister

    Nice to see he got one (not an Orange one though). Have felt the need to inform the author of the general feeling of UK punters on this forum about this!
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    Also note a review in PCPro magazine (July05 page 69 - appropriate give the way P1/Orange have been screwing us) - scores:
    Performance 5/6
    Features & Design 4/6
    Value for money 4/6
    overall 4/6

    interestingly it provides as the website - but i still don't see it there!

    "but it may be too little too late" is the comment I agree with now - not 9 months ago when it should have been launched!
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    The LifeDrive is there, so they are obviously updating the website regularly. Looks really silly that the Treo 600 is still there...
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    Quote Originally Posted by TobyW
    The LifeDrive is there, so they are obviously updating the website regularly. Looks really silly that the Treo 600 is still there...
    Expect an update today, as the 650 is now available from Orange Upgrade as of today
    Thought of the day :
    No sense being pessimistic, it probably wouldn't work anyway
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    have you ordered one? Have they given you a delivery date?

    Please tell more!!!

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