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    announced for next week by Orange...
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    Hi gualti, Could you let us know the source of this info and provide a link if you've got one? Thanks.
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    Am I missing something? That appears to have been posted on Feb 25. Nothing about next week.
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    i simply went in the orange shop and they told me than they are FINALLY due to arrive this week so we will see...
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    The T650 is announced on the homepage of Orange Switzerland since about 2 days (, the devices will arrive in the shops end of this/beginning of next week (23. April earliest - this time I believe them).

    They have postponed the launch for months now, according to the store managers due to quality and software issues that did not meet Orange requirements... so hopefully they will be fine now. :uhoh:

    Prices range from CHF (Swiss Francs) 499 (€ 325) to CHF 589 (€ 380) depending on the contract you take (for 12 months minimum duration). Without contract, the price is CHF 999 (€ 647).
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    i have my 650 :-))) Great display,
    only Problem is, that i can't sync mei old sms from the 600...

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