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    Would any of my Canadian colleagues be able to advise me on whether I should buy a Fido or Rogers SIM and prepaid plan for a trip to Toronto in May? Cingular wants to charge me $0.79 US per minute for all calls (local or to/from USA)--outrageous!! I have seen prices of $25 on Fido to buy the kit, then it seems like Fido will charge about $0.10/minute for calls in Canada and to the USA. Rogers seems more expensive. I assume that coverage is about the same. I will need to receive some SMS and also use some GPRS data. I assume that I can just walk into a Fido store or associated retailer and get a kit and just pop the SIM into my T650. Thanks/merçi in advance for any advice.
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    If you will only be in Toronto, I would go with the cheapest one, which is probably Fido. But, even though Rogers now owns Fido, you cannot "roam" from one to the other with prepaid. Since Fido only works in large cities, you want Rogers if you are going outside Toronto.
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    Many thanks--I will only be in Toronto for a week. I will pick up a prepaid kit and SIM once I hit town (searching Fido's web site I don't see any airport sales outlets).
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    FYI, there is no "kit", all you need is a standard Fido SIM. (if you want to save a few bucks you can get them on Ebay for $5-$10).

    hhmm, I'm now thinkin' maybe you meant the prepaid card when you said "kit". Those you can pick up all over the place. 7-11 for example (thats a conveneince store, you have those down there don't you?). I can almost guarantee there will be a place to pick them up in the airport.
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    Thanks for the info. I will pick up a FIDO SIM on eBay, and then 'charge it up' when I land in Toronto.
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    I forgot to mention you likely cannot use GPRS with either Fido or Rogers prepaid. So, you may need to use your Cingular SIM to roam onto Rogers or Fido for GPRS. It is a bit of a pain.
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    Ooh--interesting about GPRS. If I need data I'll use my Cingular SIM. Wonder what those fees will be.

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