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    I've swapped in a SIM card for Cable & Wireless Panama on my Treo 600, and incoming calls works fine, but any number I dial, my home area code gets added on the front before it sends. And since local numbers have no area code, I get a "number not in service" recording.

    I'm thinking this may have something to do with the phone number on the SIM card-- the Treo reports that the phone number isn't on the SIM card at all. Although it rings when I dial the number from another phone.

    Anyone know if there is a way to manually tell the Treo what its phone number is, or otherwise stop it from appending an area code onto the front of any number I dial? Should I need to talk to the carrier when I move a SIM from another phone into my Treo?

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    I have a problem using my treo 600. Since i travel a lot, all my contacts are listed with the country code before their numbers. When i get a local call, only the area code and the phone number are shown, and thus the name is not displayed. Is their anyways that I can make my treo show the names without removing country codes from all my contacts? or maybe impose a local country code on incoming calls?


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