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    This website has prices for the Orange Treo 650 on monthly payment.
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    Thank you for your email.

    We do not have stock of the Treo yet but we are expecting them in early to mid April. If you wish you can preorder now and we can ship as soon as we receive them.

    Daniel Morris
    Sales Team
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    It seems odd that the Orange website has no prices but that one does.
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    Be careful with the price quoted on If you read the small print they claim it's an estimate as they dont know the real price yet. I will be very surprised if it's much below the 200 mark.

    Here's what they say:
    Pre-orders: We often advertise products in advance of them being available to purchase. Please note that all prices, deals and offers for pre-order or "coming soon" products are shown as a guide only. The actual agreed price and offer will be that in force on the day of despatch. You may cancel a pre-order at any time prior to despatch.
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    Also watch out for many other websites providing exactly the same deals - either thay have a lot of domain names or other sites are selling through...

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