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    I recently took my supposedly unlocked Treo 600 to Italy and tried a TIM sim card in it. It found the network but the network name was listed as 1TIM or lTim and whenever I tried to call I got a message that the number couldn't be reached. I went through the unlock proceduere that I had been told I didn't need (but I had brought anyway) and got a message that the phone was sim unlocked but it still didn't work. I put the same Italian sim card into my unlocked Treo 270 and it worked fine. The network name on the phone page in that unit was simply TIM. Any ideas out there?
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    I'm going to use my Treo650 unlocked in Italy with TIM soon......
    you are saying....that it doesn't work?!?!?!
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    A US model (Cingular or unbranded) T600 should work fine (there was never a factory lock on them), while a T650 will have issues. Not sure what your problem is...

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