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    I'm looking at getting an unlocked Treo and prepaid SIM cards in Europe
    (France, Holland) to avoid lugging a laptop around for three weeks but
    I need data services. Do you get that with these prepaid SIM cards? I
    don't mind burning minutes but I need a minimum of e-mail and web
    access and I'd really like to be to use a terminal emulator if they provide
    a basic TCP/IP pipe.

    Has anyone done this?

    I have an France Orange SIM card handy and could whip over to
    Cingular for a quick test but don't know what I'd look for.

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    I was in Italy last summer. I just went to a Vodaphone store and bought a 20 euros SIM card. I used it to make a few phone calls and to check my email. I used it a fair amount for email. I have no idea how much I left on the card, but it worked for me!
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    Yes, the Orange France prepaid cards also provide GPRS "pay as you go" service.
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    check out this thread at HowardForums -->> <<-- It lists many prepaid providers worldwide & whether they provide GPRS and/or EDGE. You can also go to and check the websites for providers in the countries where you will be going to see what they offer.
    This is slightly off topic, but I just got back from Thailand, and while there I was able to surf on EDGE (70-90 kbps) for my entire trip. Too cool!
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    Thanks for the info. That howard forum thread is way cool. I'm stil reading
    through it to see if anyone has reviewed France Orange (I own one) or Netherlands XXX

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