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    I'm considering of buying a TREO 650 GSM in the US. Soon I will move to Germany and would like to know if the US Version will work with a SIM in Germany.

    Has anybody has tried that succesfully

    If yes, does it work only with particular provider in Germany (Who?) or just every provider.

    And would that support all features, e.g. internet browsing, modem sync, avant go online etc. with GPRS?
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    You will need to be sure to get an UNlocked Treo 650 GSM, either by buying one direct from a PalmOne kiosk/store or from PalmOne phone/web sales. Alternatively you would need to find a Cingular branded T650 and arrange to get it unlocked by Cingular. Do a search of these forums for info on unlocking by Cingular. Once unlocked, all features should work fine.

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