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    Hi all,

    Pardon my newbie query here...I didn't think the 650 could be used in Japan...but then a Tmobile customer service rep said otherwise. I'm not sure if he knew correctly, given that TMO doesn't even have the phone yet (which is why I bought the unlocked Palm One version).

    So, I pose the question: With T-Mobile service, would I be able to use the phone in Japan for voice? What about data? or even SMS? Is it a case that I could use the phone, but only with a local provider's SIM?

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    You can get a local Prepaid Sim card , which has everything for you to get started..otherwise you might end up paying $$$$$ for your romaing chargers...

    Yep , you are right only with Local Sim..Just try to bring the SIM and see , if it connects to a GSM Network , that means ,roaming is fine , no problem , you can call , sms , etc..or make cheap Dial-Up Calls...but watch out for the bills
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    There is no GSM in Japan presently. So your 650 would be worthless for voice or data. You could still use the PDA though...

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