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    I live in Spain. The only on-line shop where I have found the new Treo 650 unlocked GSM is There ayre based on Singapur. Does anyone have experience buying from them? How much the custom duties can rise the cost of the product?
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    Don't know that particular company, but do have some experience buying electronics from outside the EU, and you'll be charged VAT by the shipping company. Not sure what that is in Spain, it's 17.5% here in the UK.
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    Hey there, I have just received my GSM 650 from and their service was excellent. Dispatched (or shipped as y'all say) the same day, full tracking of parcel right through from Singapore to Edinburgh and the unit is perfect. The price is good too in comparison to what Expansys are asking for advance deposit, 450 from mobilefly and 595from Expansys.
    The parcel declaration said 'gift' and it sailed through customs (perhaps there was luck attached to that as it came through international hub at night). Highly recommend dealing with them, plus they give you credit on your account for future purchases, so I now have $10 credit for when I buy the Treo700 ))))
    Go get one now!
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    I too had no problems getting my unlocked GSM T650 from I ordered on the 6th of Feb and it arrived on the 11th. No problems with customs, so far. Mobilefly do state that the shipper may present you with a bill for the duties 1-2 weeks after the package arrives - so the jury is still out on that one.

    That said, if the T650 was actually available in Europe, even for a few quid more than, I would probably order it from the European retailer. Personally I'd be uneasy taking the risk that a big chunk (21% VAT in Ireland) might be added onto the price, if it's stopped by customs coming in from Singapore. This time I was willing to take the risk, as the T650 won't be available here for at least another 2 weeks and I needed the device in a hurry.

    I also note that Expansys have dropped their price to just over 800 for delivery to Ireland, and they now have an 'in stock' date of 25 Feb.
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    I am making a trip to Europe this summer. Would an unlocked Treo 650 sell for more than here in the states?
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    Yer talking $800+ bucks in asia, so far not available ib Europe unless you are shipping from Singapore, it is worth it if you can follow, the stringent upgrade procedure Pa1mone specify, otherwise you are looping... versamail is trouble IMHO

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