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    Can anybody inform about if treo 650 bought from USA works without problem in Europe in any country if the product is not launched there ???

    People says e-mail connection problem is probable ???
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    The GSM Treo 650 (which is currently being released in the US through Cingular/AT&T) is a quad-band GSM device, so it would work on European carriers. However, there is the possibility that Cingular will be locking the phone to their network, which would only allow the phone to connect to Cingular GSM networks. If this is true, then you would need to find a way to unlock the phone, or purchase an unlocked phone directly from palmOne or another third-party device seller (like eXpansys) when they become available.
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    FWIW, some folks have just received AT&T (NOT Cingular) branded T650s and they are LOCKED (won't even work with a Cingular SIM). According to Pa1mOne, the Cingular T650 will also be locked.
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    another potential problem is the datapart.
    Can your friend make phonecall with it? if so than it is not locked, however the GPRS may not be setup correctly..
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