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    Hi everyone - user from my office is in Shanghai with a Cingular-branded, allegedly unlocked Treo 600 and needs GPRS. ATT/Cingular confirmed that his int'l ("world connect") dialing was enabled, but he is unable to get anything working.

    This is a non-technical user so he's not real comfortable, say, going into the options to rescan and select a different network.. can anyone confirm that a T600 can receive GPRS and establish a working data connection? Or does he require a local China Mobile or Vodafone SIM?

    The guy is the biggest email addict you've ever met, heads will roll if we can't solve this issue.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Does Cingular have international GPRS? That may be different from international dialing (they may only have the voice part turned on.) Does he have a dialin ISP number he can try?

    On a second front, some pay as you go SIMS may support GPRS, but definitely not all. I know that Vodaphone does NOT support GPRS for Pay-As-You-Go in Ireland. I would ask China Mobile or Voadphone directly before getting a SIM.
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    Sacanning for other networks and selecting one may be the only way for him to make it work. i had several occaisions in w. europe where a manual scan was requierd. In fact, when I returned to the states I had to do a manual scan again to pick up cingular.

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