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    Hi everyone,

    Newbie here. No one else on the web seems to have covered this (and I've been searching all day) so I figured I'd post my query here and hope some benevolent person reads it.

    I have a Treo 270. I'm on Virgin pre-paid here in Australia. I'm using PixerMMS, from Electric Pocket. The helpful people in Virgin's call centre gave me all the settings for their MMS service, which are:

    apn: VirginMMS



    data bearer: GPRS

    primary port: 9201

    No username or password.

    Anyhoo, I've put these setting into the Treo. In "network" in Prefs, I've selected "GPRS" as the connection and VirginMMS as the APN. And I've put the relevant gateway and homepage settings into Pixer.
    The problem comes when the Treo tries to connect to Virgin. When it tries to connect to the MMS service, it gets as far as "Signing on...", before telling me "The GPRS connection has failed or GPRS has not been enabled on your account. Please contact your service provider blah blah blah."

    I've contacted Virgin who assure me that GPRS has been enabled.

    I've done everything I can... I think. Have I missed something here? I'd really like to be able to send/receive MMS!

    Thanks in advance to anyone who could help!
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    Never mind... turns out all I needed to do was reset the Treo! Silly me.

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