At last, correct settings for vodafone uk! After doing the runaround of vodafone 'we do not support the treo phone you are using' I finally got the answer off a lady at vodafone, who suggested that some phones require two settings to be used at once. When I followed her suggestion, my GPRS and MMS started to work as it should do. (so excited!) Don't know if these settings have been placed on here already, so if they have, I'm sorry, but I've had so much trouble trying to sort this, I just want to stick them here to spare any one else the headache. If any one is still having problems after this, either post under this thread, or consider going to Orange!

These settings work with contract vodafone uk (as in you get a monthly bill), but in all fairness, these should also work with vodafone pay as you go, as long as your provider has enabled GPRS and MMS for you.


In preferences, select network tab. Either make sure you have this set of settings already, or create them from scratch. (if you have to create from scratch, click modify, it will make a copy of the previous settings, and alter them like this.)

Service: Vodafone GPRS
Connection: GPRS
User Name: web
password: web
APN: internet

Then you need to make ANOTHER setting for MMS. (you should be able to copy the GPRS settings when you click modify, and then alter them to this.)

Service: Vodafone mms
Connection: GPRS
User Name: wap
Password: wap

Make sure these are saved (they will be saved if you got a padlock and 'locked' at the bottom of your screen). Now click on service, and make sure you have the vodafone GPRS setting on screen. Come out of Preferences by pressing home, then go back into preferences. If vodafone GPRS is on the screen next to service, than you done this bit right. If not, then go back over these instructions to see where you've gone wrong.


Find the MMS application and go into it. Press menu, scoot over to options, and select preferences. Click on custom and a little 'edit' box should appear. Click on that, and select 'yes' to change, then alter the settings as below.

MMS gateway address:
MMSC url:
MMSC port number: 9201
Network Profile:
make sure 'custom' is highlighted here. Underneath there should be a little arrow you can click on to seleck the network prefs that we made earlier. Make sure that says vodafone mms. If you select 'vodafone GPRS' or anything else, it will not work. You WILL be able to connect to the web, but not send or receive MMS. So check your settings!

Finally, click 'ok', and you will be back to your MMS app.

To summarize:
make two settings, vodafone GPRS, and vodafone MMS. Make sure vodafone GPRS is on in network so you can connect to web. And then make sure vodafone MMS is also on in MMS app so you can send pics and music.

Dear me, it's quite simple really................

If you have your settings correct, then you should be able to connect to web and send/receive mms no problem. Try it and see what happens.

For those really struggling, put your probs under this thread, and I will try and help by mail or AOL AIM (if you have a AOL screen name), but remember I've only had my treo 600 for a fortnight, so dont expect mega miracles, ok?

If this helps just one person then all this typing has been worthwhile!