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    ok ok ok, i know this has probably come up a thousand times, but......
    just got delivery of my sim unlocked Treo 600, and surprise surprise, i cant get my gprs to work, it establishes connection, got the little black triangle up and all, but.... whenever i try to open a page all i get is.. sending, blank screen and then .. NOTHING, my sim card works fine for browsing on my nokia, but on the Treo noooooooo, HELP please.
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    GPRS does not usually work with prepaid. You will have to ask o2. While you are doing that, ask them about network settings.
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    I had the same problem with vodafone ireland. Altough my Treo 600 was recieving the GPRS info directly there was no connection until I moved into a contract.
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    I had the same experience with vodaphone ready-to-go this summer in Ireland. sorry...
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    This if freaking me out , grrrrrrr, cant see what the difference is, prepaid vs. contract i mean, it aint like i would be getting anything for free...... Although ive got a S/Ericsson t630 with gprs on prepay, and it works just bang on, mms, web the whole lot, all i can get the Treo to do is make calls its just gotta be down to the settings.... Having said that, anyone ever tried ringing O2 customer service..... hahaha, what a joke, how the hell can these guys get a job in any tech dept, they are totally useless..... i'm betting they have trouble setting up a VCR
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    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA, I cracked it, eventually got hold of a guy in O2 that actually did some kinda training course and KNEW what he was talking bout, so for anyone else who might need to know, here it goes,
    Bought a 10 euro sim pack, O2 speak easy prepaid, rang 1740 O2 support to make sure it was gprs enabled, bye the way they said it was ........ all new sim packs are

    the info i got was,

    Dial up number : *99#

    username : gprs

    password : gprs

    APN : open.internet

    after weeks of messing round, just 5 mins and i was up and running

    Thanks to everyone that replied for making the effort, and i hope this might be of use to anyone here in ireland that had the same problem as me, or anyone who might travel here and wants to use their treo during their stay
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    lucky you marcus. i don't suppose you know what i need to do with meteor prepaid ?

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    nope , sorry johnnie, well, i suppose u could just buy an O2 simpack for a tenner and try that out, u'll get 10 euro credit included, so its free really..... only thing is the cost of the service.... 3 cent per kilobyte downloaded, one single graphic rich webpage could cost you 30 euro no problem, so u gotta be real careful to try to keep it to mobile web pages that are optomized for mobile browsing
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    I tried your settings with my O2 sim but keep getting GPRS connection not available. I tried GPRS, dial up , etc I only get option for APN or dial no. which do you use
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    Ok. I have the same prob:
    A prepay SIM with a Treo 650.

    I try with a sony ericson T650 and it connects fine on a 'non secure' gprs setting.
    The ip adress is set at & the user id as 'user' there is no other ip address given.

    There is an option to connect with a secure setting but his does not work.

    The same settings in my Treo 650 doesn't work tho' but there is no option for secure or non. I just tried changing the first DNS and the user name

    I think I tried every combination of the above and the best I got is a error saying check the settings!!! oh and an error number (Ox7143)

    Is this a clue for anyone?
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    I finally got the data to work using prepaid (pay-n-go) on O2 in Ireland this past June when I was there on vacation. It took some tweaking of the settings to get it to work, but I finally got it. I finally found an O2 person in Galway that knew what they were doing - mainly by just calling O2's main tech support folks in Dublin.

    HOWEVER, it's a freakin' RIP-OFF to get data while you're 'on the clock' because they apparently charge by the kbyte, and your 20 Euros (or whatever) disappears in no time. I think I spent about E250 in just 3 weeks. But it WAS cool being able to get my email while sitting in some beautiful out-of-the-way location.


    unlocked/unbranded GSM / T-Mobile
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    OK I got it to work on a 650 prepaid card and the guy at o2 support 1850 60 1740 gave me these settings:

    username : gprs
    password : gprs

    APN : pp.internet

    IP address automatic
    Primary DNS
    Secondary DNS

    Hope this helps!

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