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    bell canada has this service called Mobile Browser
    Linky to mobile browser

    It is an alternative to ussing the HTML internet and MUCH cheaper.
    i believe it is a WAP host of sites that bell has bundled for thier phones.
    Anyways, i am TRYING, In vain to access this service.

    bell has only so far been able to show me that they have no idea what they are talking about and telling me the launch page for thier mobile browser is which only points to a mobile version of thier html website.

    here is my responce to them
    "While this information may be useful, it is not useful to me.
    i have the TREO 600 phone and want to take advantage of the Mobile
    Browser feature that your company offers free for 2 months.
    the link you sent me is for your regular bell website. this is not the
    launch page for your Mobile Browser.
    for the feature i am referring to, please see this link

    PLEASE tell me where i can reach this content and how it is available
    to me throught TREO (maybe speak to someone who owns one at your
    company and has this working)."

    If ANYONE has information on how to get to the bell Mobile Browser websites, i would be eternally grateful.
    i just dont want to spend 25 bucks a month for thier data service or 15 bucks a meg for on demand access.

    Please help if you can.
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    Got a final answer from Bell.
    Mobile Browser is NOT available on the TREO 600.
    only the $25/month 1x service which gifes 4 MB of data.

    only good thing that came out of this is the credit i will be getting for mis-information in that my data usage will be refunded.

    so that's it. quest ends in a pile of crapola!


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